Good and Bad Web Design

After reading two articles, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design and 10 Principles of Effective Web Design  I have come to find what does and does not make a web site eye-catching and user friendly.



Youtube is a web phenomenon for video viewing. You can view videos about things you would like to learn about, listen to your favorite music or even follow your friend’s video blogging. The site effectively communicates visible language. Youtube is easy to navigate and with your recent views, also recommends what you may be interested in watching next. The website also has clear, big, bold text that’s easily readable, which is a plus for the site.


Apple‘s website is simplistic and great. This site has also communicated effectively with a visible language. The use of clear, bold labels for searching and navigating are ideal for the easy use for anyone browsing their web page. Apple has put their navigation in many spots (top, left and bottom), which is helpful to a user to find more easily than having to search, to even try and search.  The pictures of products are also helpful to navigate and are easily scannable and eye-catching to the potential customer.



When Googling something you would like to learn more about, Wikipedia may seem like first choice, but when going to Wiki’s homepage you may second guess yourself. Although many use Wiki’s information, the website format is just terrible. There is a search engine, but there is only one and it is surrounded by different languages, which could potentially be confusing to a user. Also, when scrolling to the bottom, after passing what looks like a bunch of gibberish, there are a bunch of links for other Wiki pages that myself, nor probably anyone else has ever used or heard of. Wiki could definitely switch over from the simplistic side of things, and make their site more function-able and readable to it’s users.

Urban Outfitters.

The web page for Urban Outfitters is usually “hip” and “in style” I must admit, but when recently viewed, it looked confusing and there was too much happening on the page in general. The top of the website looks as if it was developed by a first time blogger and the search engine for scanning areas of clothing’s or home goods is obnoxious with a giant, white horizontal block across the screen. Then, when scrolling down more you see a few pictures, a blog section and the policy etc. I definitely believe Urban could have conducted their site to be a bit more user friendly and appealing to the eye text wise.


How C.R.A.P. is your design site?

The Apple homepage follows all the essentials of a C.R.A.P. web design. C.R.A.P. stands for; contrast, repetition, alignment (and) proximity. The elements of Apple’s homepage contains all these essentials, making the page an exceedingly perfect designed site. The homepage has strong contrast between each element. All elements involved on Apple’s page flow greatly together, not confusing the user, making it easily readable. The repetition styles also are aligned perfectly and the color repetition is also very clean cut. As stated above, the alignment is perfect. It visually connects every element on the page together just right. Lastly, Apple’s proximity also is beyond standards. They have created their page to group flawlessly together and easy to navigate for users. Apple’s use of a “crap” web design definitely majorly benefits the use of their web page by millions every day.


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